City e-bikes

If you are just going to be riding in town on paved or hard-packed smooth flat trails, City Electric Bikes are your best choice. They are designed for reliability and comfort.The riding posture of a City e-Bike is more upright and relaxed than pure conventional sports bikes to make cycling comfortable on hard road surfaces and to allow you to take in the surroundings in longer leisure rides. If you choose a step-through bike you will find that their frames are free of cross-bars which makes hopping onto the saddle quicker and easier than with any other style.

The bike is ideal if you are making journeys with multiple stops and you need to hop on and off with ease; need to dismount quickly and stand with the bike, for example at traffic lights or if mounting your bike is restricted by clothing, fitness or large rear luggage panniers.

If you’re looking for a bike to help you get fit, then choose an electric city bike. You can use it on the roads and cycle paths near your home and when it gets that little bit tough the electric motor can take the edge off the slopes. You can confidently cycle for longer, and more often, which will help you to your fitness goal faster.

Our range of City Electric Bikes is ideal for people who want to make local trips into town easier with a bike that works well on roads, cycle paths and light bike trails and would enjoy cycle touring but would like the occasional boost from an electric motor or simply want to start cycling to regain fitness.

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  • C250c
    Hit the streets with a stylish electric hybrid all day round commuter with an urban attitude. The upright position comfort, suspension, versatility and wide step through frame matted with 250W Brushless hub motor and fast 700C wheels for a go anywhere agility. ..
    Ex Tax: EGP14,333 EGP16,339
  • C250d
    The perfect electric hybrid, A refined city all day round commuter with advanced front suspension. The upright position comfort, adjustable suspension, versatility, slick step through frame and 250W Brushless hub motor power assist, all contribute to make it perfect for long paved route sprints. ..
    Ex Tax: EGP14,278 EGP16,277
  • CT250
    From rough city streets to dirt paths, a reliable comfortable electric hybrid, quick in traffic and sure footed when the road gets rough. Thanks to its electric 250W Brushless hub motor power assist and wide 26” wheels. The upright position comfort, suspension, versatility and wide step through fram..
    Ex Tax: EGP13,216 EGP15,066
  • CTX250
    Tackle the rough city streets or venture off-road with a bit of electric boost juice. A stylish dual personality, 250W Brushless hub motor power assist, mountain bike frame matted with city saddle for extra comfort and a rear rack for extra versatility. ..
    Ex Tax: EGP13,243 EGP15,097
  • FCT250
    The best of all worlds’ electric hybrid combination. The electric assisted power speed, the comfort of full suspension, upright position, versatility of a city bike and the convenience of a folding bike. Unfold and go anywhere, or might as well, fold and store anywhere. ..
    Ex Tax: EGP13,516 EGP15,408
  • LC250d
    Durable, simple, affordable, reliable, convenient, versatile and comfortable electric hybrid for city street style.  Perfect for commuting and all day stop and go shopping. 250W Brushless hub motor power assist saves you the extra effort on the way back home. ..
    Ex Tax: EGP7,091 EGP8,083
  • LC250e
    Relax, lean back, and enjoy the ride. A classic beach cruiser with a wide handle bar for easy handling and an electric 250W Brushless hub motor power assist & throttle boost for lazy afternoons. Simply use the ‘squeeze and go’ throttle and enjoy the ride for a no exercise evening. ..
    Ex Tax: EGP6,873 EGP7,835
  • LC250f
    Assist the electric 250W Brushless hub motor or let the motor assist you, think of it the way you want, use it the way you think it’s best for you, it’s your shopping commuter bike.  Relax; focus on your goals without worrying that you still have to paddle home. ..
    Ex Tax: EGP6,328 EGP7,214
  • LF250
    A small foot print indoors and a practical electric commuter outdoors. Its folding nimble frame makes it easy to handle in tight places indoors and outdoors, 250W Brushless hub motor power assist & throttle boost. ..
    Ex Tax: EGP5,446 EGP6,208
  • Yadea 350W
    Yadea 350W electric bike ..
    Ex Tax: EGP10,088 EGP11,500